A: Seeding to Planting

  • Seed optimization

  • Legowo Planting Technique Indonesia

B: Soil and Nutrient Management

  • PP Fertilizer Rec for Rice Crop Based Soil Test Kit Measurement

C: Integrated Pest Management (IPM) and Crop protection

  • IPM study & training for Vietnam
  • BRIA TV Edutainment

D: Farm Mechanization

  • Large field operation to foster farming mechanisation
  • Business Model for Application of Farm Machinery

E: Climate Smart Rice Farming

  • IRRI Climate Change Unit perspective
  • ASEAN-CRN Promotion of Resilience in Rice in ASEAN

F: Capacity Development

  • Capacity Development for Rice Cultivation
  • Participatory Impact Pathway Analysis (PIPA)
  • A New Breed of Rice Extentionists in the Philippines