The Regional Secretariat is based in Bangkok, Thailand. As the regional umbrella, it is tasked with enhancing the regional impact for BRIA and serves as its regional knowledge hub.

Main Tasks of Regional Secretariat

Meetings and Events

The Regional Secretariat organizes the kick-off and final conferences, sector-related meetings in different countries, regular stakeholder meetings, expert meetings/ workshops.

Network Building and Maintenance

The Regional Secretariat establishes a BRIA network and is in charge of coordination and information of the BRIA network.

Knowledge and Exchange Management

The Regional Secretariat collects relevant data and documents from the project teams, packs them towards regional knowledge products beyond the country level and makes them available, monitors relevant rice sector developments and informs the relevant country teams or partners accordingly, enables synergies among already existing projects and institutions, and transfers know-how to neighbouring countries such as Cambodia, Laos or Myanmar, which may be integrated into BRIA at a later stage.

Public Relations and Communication

The Regional Secretariat develops and implements an internal and external communication programme, networks with relevant political institutions and donor organizations in the region and functions as the main contact point for regional media and communication with NGOs and civil society.

Monitoring and Evaluation (M & E) Reporting

The Regional Secretariat develops the overall BRIA monitoring and evaluation system and provides suitable M & E reporting that fits the communication and information needs of the public and private partners.


The Regional Secretariat explores options for co-financing sources in the region and addresses additional project partners from the private and public sectors.