Apart from working with national agencies, BRIA collaborates with its private partners to improve farmers’ knowledge and skills with regard to sustainable rice production by raising yield, crop quality, income, and environmental awareness. Spill-over effects on other producer groups may be created within the rice value chain. It is expected that farmers’ increased awareness of better production inputs and better understanding of the markets’ needs will increase their profitability and benefit everyone. On the marketing side, wholesalers and exporters will be provided with better quality rice that meets recognized standards and enables them to build long term business relationships. Besides, to provide “better nutrition,” BRIA introduces rice and oil fortification in Indonesia and the nutrition programmes may be expanded to the Philippines where malnutrition is still a serious problem.

GIZ facilitates cooperation between the stakeholders, being particularly experienced in promoting sustainable agriculture through training and technical assistance in collaboration with various public and private stakeholders. In this partnership, GIZ will also moderate the dialogue between the private sector, rice farmers, and other stakeholders along the rice value chain to improve the projects’ outreach.