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Indonesia and the Philippines still rely on rice imports, which is why BRIA aims to increase yield and quality of rice production in these countries. In Indonesia, 375 centres for sustainable rice production will be established until 2017 in the three provinces of North Sumatra, East Java, and Central Java. 125 trained agricultural advisors will teach 7,500 rice farmers, which will act as multipliers in their respective communities. Next to farmer trainings, producers of cooking oil and rice millers are enabled to fortify their products with micronutrients such as vitamins, iron and zinc. BRIA supports the Indonesian Government in establishing social security systems which provide nutritious food for poor people. As a first step, BRIA conducts studies showing the effectiveness of fortified food as potential means to fight against malnutrition.



The agricultural sector plays a strategic role in the national economic development plan in Indonesia ...




Asia is the malnutrition hotspot worldwide. 65% of those living in hunger and poverty and approximately 70% ...


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